Deficiencies Correctors
Formulated specially to prevent and correct nutrient deficiencies and ensure their good assimilation by plants.

A large choice of complexed trace elements, anti-chlorosis and deficiency correctors to prevent and correct deficiencies caused by imbalances in the absorption of certain minerals and micronutrients.

  • For a well-balanced and optimized plant nutrition.
  • To increase productivity, quality and crop yield.

We develop various solutions and concentrations according to our users’ specific needs. Contact us!

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Ultra Concentrated Calcium

Concentrated Calcium EDTA chelated

Concentrated Calcium with Lignosulfonates

Concentrate of Phosphorus and Calcium

Concentrate of Phosphorus and Zinc

100% EDTA Iron

DTPA-EDTA Complex of Iron

Against Iron and Magnesium Induced Chlorosis

EDTA Premium Solution

Trace Elements Complex

Complete Foliar Fertilizer

Super Concentrated Magnesium

Ultra Concentrated

Manganese and Zinc