Soil Management
Soil inoculants, biological activators and soil improvers.

Soil inoculants and biological activators that develop the microbial activity of the rhizosphere:

  • To increase the intake of bio-mass and micro-organisms.
  • To prevent from soil depletion by developing its microbial activity.
  • To fight against pathogens attacks with an integrated microbial control.

Soil improvers to enhance and restore a range of natural properties within the soil:

  • By adding natural humus and humus-makers back to the soil.
  • Improving moisture retention, making water easily available for plant roots.
  • Increasing nutrient retention by reducing nutrients leaching away from roots, particularly in sandy soils.
  • A source of bulky organic matter from plant origin.
  • Improving drainage by restoring structure of soil and reducing compaction of dense soils.
  • Feeding all soil’s microorganisms.

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Biological Soil Activator

Nutritive Solution for Soil’s Microorganismes

Soil Structure Improver

Soil Structure Corrector


Salinity corrector